Lex Kravitz


 Associate Professor

Lex is interested in basal ganglia function in both normal and disease states.  He is also a proponent of open-source hardware for neuroscience research.


Chris Stander


Lab Supervisor

Chris has chosen to focus her energies on lab management, while maintaining an interest in cell biology.  When not tending to the needs of the lab, Chris spends time with her dogs, maintaining her house and volunteering at a local animal shelter.


Bridget Matikainen-Ankney


Postdoctoral fellow

Bridget is interested in how obesity alters neural connectivity and associated behaviors in a lasting way. She is currently investigating the effect of high-fat diet exposure on physical activity, motivation, and corticoaccumbal synaptic plasticity.


Elizabeth Godynyuk


 Research Technician

Elizabeth is currently working on her M.Sc in Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam. During her Masters internship, in the lab of Ingo Willuhn, she utilized viral neuronal tracing to understand how dopamine signalling projects between the striatum and the midbrain.

Meaghan Creed


Scientific Collaborator 

Dr. Meaghan Creed is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Anesthesiology, and her lab investigates synaptic plasticity in the basal ganglia.  She is interested in understanding mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity, and leveraging these mechanisms to treat psychiatric disease.